Traditional Indian Way of Eating with Natural Conventions for Healthy Living

Benefits of Conventional Indian Food Habits for a Healthy Mindful Eating

These days everybody will, in general, follow the calorie based eating regimen or other low carbohydrate-high fat eating regimen like keto, paleo, etc. It has become an illusion among the people as a piece of modernization. And the new age neglectes balanced diet and to have a healthy meal. Let us understand the medical advantages of having conventional healthy Indian food enjoyed in a traditional manner.

Conventional Cooking with Earthen Pots

One of the conventional methods of preparing is preparing the food in earthen pots. Ayurveda specifically suggests these cooking strategies as these include processes to withholds the nutrients and gives a sweet-smelling culinary with pleasant flavor.


Use of Less Oil and Fat

Cooking on earthen/clay pot generate micro-steam inflows throughout the cooking process. Which gives high dampness control in food empowering less oil for cooking.

Go About as Common Detox

Clay is considered as an antacid in nature and when food is prepared in the earthen pot, it neutralizes the acidic food. Thus, it goes about as a characteristic detox process with earthen pot in cooking. It additionally infuses nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and sulfur to the cooked food.

Temperature Control

Cooking in the earthen vessels holds the temperature for quite a long time. So, no instant warming is required before eating. The moderate cooking process holds all the supplements of the food and consequently, the food gets more delectable and sweet-smelling.

Guarantee for the Environment

Since earthen pots originate from the clay, when the shattered pots are throw away, disintegrate without any harm. It is totally biodegradable. On current occasions, earthen pots are coated with substances that contain lead and mercury, which are risky for health. So, always begin cooking on fresh pots subsequent to allowing them to absorb water for quite a while.

Earthen Pot
Cooking with earthen pot

Posture for Having Meals in a Traditional Manner

Sitting on the floor in Padmasana and eating as opposed to a feasting table, is considered healthy because bending of the spine improves blood flow and absorption.


Promotes Digestion

Plunging down on the floor with crossed legs encourages our stomach related framework to process food appropriately and rapidly.

Improves Blood Flow

Crossed leg act helps in blood dissemination in our body. It makes our nerves quiet and loosens up the body and mental pressure.

Support Knee and Joint wellbeing

It greases up and keeps our knees and hip joints solid sitting in Sukhasana / Padmasana helps keep your joints graceful, flexible and less inclined to degenerative infections like joint pain and osteoporosis.

Helps Weight Reduction

When we sit on the floor and have food with crossed legs the sitting position influences the quantity of food intake while eating, encourages us feel sumptuous faster (satiated), which prevents overeating and ultimately helps in weight reduction.

Assists with Making a Family

Sitting on the floor and having meals with your family make a solid bond among the members. It clearly prompts a quiet and cheerful brain.

Eating Using Plantain Leaves

In India it is very basic to eat food on banana leaves. Most of the homes have banana plants at their back yard. Usually the banana leaves are culled not long before the lunch and washed thoroughly before having food. Every one sits to assemble on the floor and eat with hands.


Sound Substitute to Crockery Plates

The leaves have antibacterial properties and neutralise all the germs on its surface. They are stuffed with mixes called polyphenols – epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which are characteristic cell reinforcements that avert free radicals and related malady.


Banana leaves have a waxy coating on the surface. When hot food is served on it, the plant wax liquefies and a kind of flavor for food increments.


They are ecofriendly in nature as they occur naturally. Used leaves deteriorate in a brief span of time when compared to plastics.

Concoction Free

It needs no cleanser for cleaning, thus food is thoroughly liberated from chemicals. It can simply be washed in plain water and can be utilized.

Eating Food with Our Own Hands

In Vedic translation our five fingers speak to five tastes like sweet, bitter, sour, salty and spicy. Ayurveda says that each finger is an expansion of one of the five elements. The thumb is Agni (fire), the pointer is Vayu (air), the center finger the Akash (ether), the ring finger Prithvi (earth), and the little finger Jala (water). So having food with supernatural powers in mind keeps oneself contented while eating with hand.


Increasingly Sterile

It is a typical conviction that eating with our right hand is cleaner than eating with utensils. We wash our hands on numerous occasions a day while we wash the utensils once in a day.

Provides Healthy Bacteria

The sound microbial diversity of the hand can defend the body from the invasion of other dangerous microbes that attack from the outside environment.

Helps to Manage Food Portion

Utilizing hand for eating food causes us to eat more slowly than eating with cutlery, which is a lot of a mechanical procedure, having food with hand helps us with volume control which promotes mindful eating.

Improves Absorption

Quick eaters utilize spoons and pop sticks which upsets assimilation, while we use our hands, rather we improve the process by picking an exceptionally a little part of the food.

It is Natural

We can feel care and warmth in our mind, while eating with hand. One can taste the food without a remote taste of cutlery. With regard to having conventional Indian food, like rice mixing with dishes to for a tasty lot, eating with hands is generally liked.

To end

Eating a wholesome meal in the traditional way will definitely improve our overall wellbeing. When the new generation goes behind the fast food culture, it is our responsibility to make them understand the value of science behind traditional systems. Let us hope our conventional manners which our ancestors taught us to have a greater impact on our lives beyond modernity.

Cijini Karan
Dietician, Poonthoppil 695 014
Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram

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