Content Creation with Speech to Text Tools

If you are writing English article or a communication, how will you make a softcopy? Are you first writing in a paper, then typing yourself or getting assistance. The artificial intelligence is coming handy to you in your smartphone or on the Internet which will convert your voice in to English text. Read this article …

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Celebrating World Coconut Day

Coconut palms are part of the coastal landscape and keeps it evergreen. Coconuts not only are heath drink, health food, healthy oil and healthy air provider, they give us lot more. Realising this, even the global community has come together half a century ago to unite to form International Coconut Community. Its foundation day is …

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Indian Food Categories

Those who eat anything and everything will get unhealthy sooner or later. Eating junk foods cause acidity, indigestion, heart attack, stroke, etc. Allergic foods make the eater debilitating and getting unanticipated troubles. This article indicates you direction for planning the right food for you by adopting Sattvik, Rajas or Tamas food as your choice. Get …

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LEDs are Revolutionizing the World

Energy saving is very important as far as the output efficiency and economic savings are concerned. Looking into the electricity power shortage, there is every reason to adopt LED light in lighting of public places, workplaces or home. However, the trend has just started. It is now being analysed from different angles. See this article …

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Sustainable Soil with Microorganisms

In order to keep the soil healthy, we need not add a lot of fertilizers or chemicals. We have to monitor the acidity and moisture availability. This makes the microbes active and convert soil micronutrients solubilized and made available to the plants. To fecilitate carbon and micronutrients availability, we have to add organic compost of …

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Acacia Menace

During the flower blossoming of acacias, all are debilitating with red eyes, fever and lungs allergy. School children playing outside are becoming sick. People going for morning walk feel roughness of eyes and road commuters feel uneasiness. The social forestry planting for greening the environment and carbon sequestration and plenty of fresh air ar doing …

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CRISPR method for crispy biotech

In the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering, recent well accepted technology is known as CRISPR (pronounced as krisper). It is a targetted genetic code editing procedure by which the genome sequences are altered for the desired form of genome for the desired result with precision to design required proteins. Thus, you call it “crispy …

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