Creative Writing in Science for Online Media

Now, more and more users are coming to online media by using mobile phones. The Internet community is looking for new and quality articles online. It is not only that recent articles should be there for the readers, but there is also a need for authentic and good quality content available through search results.

On the one hand, conventional media are losing sales, on the other hand, readership is increasing for online social media. Keeping in mind these things one should be wise enough to prepare the contents for online media.

Purpose of writing

Writers have different purposes for writing online. It may be for helping others by creating quality content, spending extra time creatively and usefully, engage and entertain the readers, for career promotion or obtaining a new career or for generating extra income.

Role of content online

The written content has different roles to perform once it is published online. It may be for enhancing the knowledge or conveying the information. Science and technology information content has a role in development. Such contents which perform their roles for development are called developmental communications.

Science and technology communications

When writing on science we must have the responsibility to maintain clarity and authenticity in our writings. It should be written in such a way that it will be unambiguous, authentic, real and provides the actual information to the reader. The units of expression and the quality and quantity must be real. The units must remain the same throughout the article.

Quality of the articles

Grammatically correct content

Whether the article is a science or social or general nature, it must have correct grammar and usages. Spellings and punctuations must also be correct. Capitalisation and abbreviations must be proper. Writing styles must be uniform throughout the article.

Formatting of articles

The article has to be properly formatted into paragraphs which are arranged under subtitles. Sentences can be simple and short so that reader can easily understand. There must be a reading flow from one paragraph into another.

Adding creativity and engaging conversations also are important for adding quality to the article. Incorporation of various themes and plots have to be successful in engaging the reader from starting to ending of the article.

Relevant and quality stuff

The author has to write for the reader and therefore the writer has to fulfil the readers’ anticipations. It is important to view the content from the readers perspective so as to keep it appropriate for him.

Incorporation of visual contents

Graphical images, photographs and videos add value to the content. Visual media create better appeal to the audience than the text alone. Therefore, for every article appropriate photographs may be incorporated for creatively. Thematically prepared graphical images are useful. Content may be narrated in the form of a video speech. For a demonstration of the technology, videos are always useful.

Search engine optimised content

For digital media, search engine optimisation is very important. Titles having long-tail keywords, summary carrying additional keywords, introduction with search text are some of the important elements. In most of the websites, the title becomes a permalink and the summary forms the meta text.
The different subtitles, photographs, videos and captions, as well as the conclusion of the articles, are giving feed for search engines. Based on these inputs the search engines indexes contents depending on the readers search online.

Unlike the conventional media for online digital content, a good article has to be backed up with a long-form catchy title with keywords, a crispy summary of about 300 characters with additional keywords, introduction with search texts, good photographs with alt-texts, good video with tags, catchy captions and conclusion carrying keyboards all-important for highlighting and projecting the articles online.

Intellectual property protection

It is easy to copy content from websites and online media. But due to the presence of content filtering bots, it is easy to identify piracy as well. There is a lot of plagiarism checking software available with the publishers. Therefore, every author should be aware of the intellectual property rights protected in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks and industrial designs.

Become a successful writer

Knowing the above facts, it is always useful to write articles based on the readers’ queries and useful material for the public. If one can write what the policymakers, development agencies, the common public are searching for, then there is no doubt he will become avail appreciated published author online.

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