Indian Culture and tradition

Eating Indian pancake with hand

Traditional Indian Way of Eating with Natural Conventions for Healthy Living

Eating with own hand enhances the effectiveness of having food. Furthermore, earthen pots, banana leaves and traditional processes for preparing the food we eat determines its quality and holistic nature of the food we eat and its effect on nutrition of the body and mind. Following these conventional orthodox and traditional ways of eating improves not only healthy food along with healthy environment.


Rare Medicinal Plant – Zanthoxylum or Gamate

We have rich biodiversity and the indigenous knowledge is diminishing, generation after generation. Some of the precious resources are also depleting due to deforestation and lack of regeneration. Due to urbanization and negligence, we are losing the traditional material resources and useful knowledge of indigenous seasonal and traditional recipes. Read more:


Jackfruit – Jack of all Trade

Jackfruit is part and parcel of the people of south India. It is a very useful food, snack and a nutrition item, underexplored. Recently people realise its importance and rediscover its medicinal properties. I am recapping some of the important uses and the social relevance of jackfruit and the jackfruit tree here: Watch my …

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Indian Food Categories

Those who eat anything and everything will get unhealthy sooner or later. Eating junk foods cause acidity, indigestion, heart attack, stroke, etc. Allergic foods make the eater debilitating and getting unanticipated troubles. This article indicates you direction for planning the right food for you by adopting Sattvik, Rajas or Tamas food as your choice. Get …

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