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Cost and Resource Economy with Gypsum Plastering for Healthy Living

A clean and whitish wall is preferred in living rooms and business establishments. To make this, a lot of work is done on the walls. Construction needs raw materials, which are also considered as depleting natural resources. So, there is a lookout for cheaper alternatives to reduce construction cost and dependence on raw materials. In this aspect gypsum or Plaster of Paris is certainly the best for interior walls.

IP Features of Trademark

Profitable Technology Management with Trademarks Protection

Trademarks represent the marketable entity in the market. Like signatures, these modern digital identities, authenticate products. Being reproducible, these are making an iconic presence in websites, social media, emails and digital marketing communications, including letterheads, packaging, product and advertisements. Trademarks are also used in marks such as holograms and watermarks for easy identification worldwide.

Science Magazines

Online Science Communications for Greater Benefits

For online communications, we need popular science articles with short, clear, crisp contents. Articles become popular when prepared on helpful topics with reader’s perspective. Simple to understand materials will become popular over the Internet. More and more scientists, as well as science graduates, should come forward to science writing by protecting intellectual property.

Dealing with Fungus in Houses

When these is a lot of moisture in hot humid tropics, fungi flourish and trouble the life. Cleaning fungus from clothes, cushions, books, display items, leather bags, covers, etc. is a challenge. Read step by step instructions to clean fungi from different items: Manage Fungi in Living Rooms – Get Rid of the Troublesome Moulds

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