3 Simple Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles


Plastics are all around us, we can see them at home, at work, when we go shopping and even when we are outside. We are aware that plastic containers are poisonous to nature and its byproducts contaminate our air and soil. Therefore, every citizen must protect and save nature. In the current scenario, the management of plastic containers can be considered as the most challenging fact. Upcycling also known as reusing is the best concept to reduce the accumulation of waste plastic in the surrounding. As mentioned above, let us glance at the three basic mantras to save nature

Reduce the Use of Plastics

Since most of our places are surrounded by plastic containers, it is high time we need to think of not purchasing new plastic items in turn reducing the new collection of plastic items. 

Reuse the Plastics

Reusing is nothing but it is the process of transforming the by-products, or unwanted products into new interesting material.  When reusing plastic for a certain amount of time is done, the arrival of new plastic items can be restricted.

Reusing plastic forecasts, the creativity of a person. So instead of directly going to the next mantra of recycling, try to reuse the containers.

Recycling of Plastics

After reusing the plastic as many times as we can and are now ready to dispose of it. If we feel that the plastic container is of no use at all then we can think of recycling it to give another shape and size to form a new container.

Let us now have a look at 3 simple rules to reuse the plastic bottles. These are the best experiments for high-school students.

Reuse Plastic Bottle into Garden Containers

A nature lover always loves to plant and have more green around. So here is a simple way in which plastic bottles can be converted as a plant container.

Materials You Need:

  • Plastic bottles,
  • Rod (metallic or Plastic or any other),
  • Soil mixture, and a pair of scissors

How to Proceed:

  1. Take two or three empty plastic bottles and cut the small bottom portion of the bottle.
  2. Insert these bottles into the rod maintaining the equal distances.
  3. Fill the soil mixture and plant the saplings.

Reuse Plastic Bottles into Home Decor

Our living hall, bedroom or dining hall or any other rooms can be decorated innovatively reusing plastic containers.

Materials You Need:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Fancy lace or thread
  • Gum
  • A pair of scissors

 How to Proceed:

  1. Take 2-3 empty plastic bottles and cut the bottle into different shapes or sizes.
  2. Apply gum and wrap the fancy lace or thread onto the bottle.
  3. Hang these interesting home décor in your favorite place.

Reuse plastic bottle into plastic rope

A Rope is a tying agent to join two or more items. Here is an interesting tool to make ropes from plastic bottles.

Materials needed:

  • Plastic bottle
  • A pair of scissor
  • Two pairs of nut and bolt
  • Wooden piece
  • Cutter blade

How to proceed:

  1. Slit the wooden piece and place the cutter blade into the slit.
  2. Drill two holes and fix the cutter blade in between the nut and bolt.

Cut the bottom of the plastic bottle and drag the bottle clockwise.

Take away

Everyone is aware of the fact that, recycling means less trash heaping to our landfills. The greatest environmental benefit of recycling is the conservation of energy and natural resources and thereby reducing the pollution that is generated when raw material is used to make a new product. By turning bottles and other plastic containers into new fascinating goods, recycling can help to have a better environment.

Sneha Bhat

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