July 2020

Eating Indian pancake with hand

Traditional Indian Way of Eating with Natural Conventions for Healthy Living

Eating with own hand enhances the effectiveness of having food. Furthermore, earthen pots, banana leaves and traditional processes for preparing the food we eat determines its quality and holistic nature of the food we eat and its effect on nutrition of the body and mind. Following these conventional orthodox and traditional ways of eating improves not only healthy food along with healthy environment.

3 Simple Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles that we use to drink water or juice, household appliances, automobiles, beverage containers, trash, and grocery bags, gardening containers, storage of food or grains, and so on! Accumulate, harm the environment. Everyone likes to use plastic containers because it is waterproof, relatively cheap, and portable. But at the same time, conserving and protecting the environment is also equally important. So reducing-recycling and reusing should be the ultimate mantra of every family.

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