Month: September 2019

Dealing with Fungus in Houses

When these is a lot of moisture in hot humid tropics, fungi flourish and trouble the life. Cleaning fungus from clothes, cushions, books, display items, leather bags, covers, etc. is a challenge. Read step by step instructions to clean fungi from different items: Manage Fungi in Living Rooms – Get Rid of the Troublesome Moulds

Sky Watching on New Moon Day

Moon has been fascinating from childhood. As students, sky watching begins with the moon and the astronomical aspects. Stellar constellations, galaxies, planets, comets, extra celestial objects, satellites, etc. Here is a description of the different types of full moon. Read more by clicking this: A Lucky Sky Watcher on the Harvest Moon Day.


Rare Medicinal Plant – Zanthoxylum or Gamate

We have rich biodiversity and the indigenous knowledge is diminishing, generation after generation. Some of the precious resources are also depleting due to deforestation and lack of regeneration. Due to urbanization and negligence, we are losing the traditional material resources and useful knowledge of indigenous seasonal and traditional recipes. Read more: